To Provide the


Assist Retailers capitalise on an OPPORTUNITY to increase profits and the value of their business

  • Retailers x 100**
  • Timeline – EXCLUSIVE offer
  • Outline – below

Watch Brendan’s presentation below, explaining more about who we are and what we do… in detail about the program.


The Experience and Resources involved in the development and future growth include Brendan Geyer and support from Australia’s leading Balloon Artists.

You will require an optimised product range and payment platform website.
If you don’t already have these, we will direct you.

  • You will require a Shopify store. *
  • Your store to be Verified by Google on Google Maps
  • INSTA page
  • Facebook page

Note: Detailed steps to follow are included in the training videos if you don’t already have any of these features in place for your Business.

* We build the Shopify store for you. Included in the Program. (Valued at $1,800, but you will get it for free on THIS SPECIAL)

NOTE: In store Floor space required 2m x 1.6m – wall space is not required!


  • Training Program includes 23 video tutorials.
  • Lists of product range and Stock value as sales progress to targets.
  • Turnkey training to take the retailer from Launch, to Sales, to managing automated orders received online to basics such as how to use the Helium Bottle regulator, to the % of Helium to Air you use in a foil Balloon.
  • Facebook and Instagram Marketing Templates.
  • Text Marketing follow up messages’ templates.
  • Promotional Calendar – includes 12-month Marketing schedule.
  • Instructions on how to create your Shopify account and how to use it.

Additional Services valued at $1,800* - already included in the program investment

  • Sign your store up on Shopify and build a new Balloon online shop website.
  • Addition of the products to your Shopify online store. Including the required Helium Balloons.
  • Customisation of your Shopify Website look, adding your shop Logo and personalising it with the right colours and fonts to make your site look awesome.
  • Set up your Domain with Shopify. Register a new domain website or link a existing domain to your Shopify account to make your site official and live.
  • Activate your Payment Processor on Shopify. This allows you to accept payments and put those payments in an account.
  • Instagram and Facebook account creation, *if you still don’t have one.


3 options: 

  1. Balloon Business in-store: $1200 + gst
    You will learn the best methods to incorporate the balloons to your Newsagency + tips to sell more in-store.

  2.  Build your Shopify Store: $1800 + gst
    You already have the balloons and know everything and just want us to build a Shopify Store for you, so you can sell online.

  3. Full Program : $3000 + gst (or Choose the Payment Plan of $1000 + 6 monthly payments of $400 plus gst)
    Everything above + mentoring.

The Program market price is $3,000 (plus gst) per store.

Our 30 day Guarantee

We want to talk away any fears, doubts and risks you might have, so we’ve included this guarantee to encourage you to join this program and see for yourself!

If after 30 days of taking action and seeing all the support and information we provide you, you’re not convinced you will make at least 5 times your money back in the first 12 months, we’ll give you your money back.